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Project - Mepal Sports Centre.

Client- Tarmac Construction/Sarna fil - Location - Cambridgeshire - Year - 1995

A permanently engineered translucent roof covers this sports centre in Cambridgeshire, UK. A unique Activity Centre set on the shores of a 20 acre lake in the Cambridgeshire Fens, offering a wide range of affordable water and land based activities for families, school and youth groups and corporate clients.
The Mepal Outdoor Centre is a very unusual recreation, leisure and training resource, unique in East Anglia (at least) for its blend of facilities, programme and clients. Although in the middle of the Cambridgeshire Fens, Mepal is less than 40 minutes drive away from Peterborough, Cambridge, Newmarket, Wisbech and Huntingdon!
The Centre is situated on the West side of the A141 (Ely - March road), between Sutton and Chatteris. The Centre offers a wide range of facilities for watersports, adventurous activities and children's play.